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“The only hack with an ACTUAL video proof”

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This brand new Facebook Hack is raising comments in every corner of the planet. Easiest to use hack ever, doesn’t rely on password retrieving but in a vulneravility recently found by elite hackers. Facesnoop quick and easily patches Facebook login in memory just like a videogame hack. Using 7 chained proxies Facesnoop allows you total privacy on your quest. Fast, easy and 100% effective, Facesnoop also allows you to protect your account from being hacked. This is achieved by adding your account to the Shield List®. If anybody else is trying to hack your account Facesnoop will first check if your account is protected. If this is the case, login to your profile will be denied to hackers. It’s easy, it’s fast and now it’s yours!

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“Protect your profile from secret accesses.”

The Shield List® is an exclusive innovation developed exclusively for Facesnoop. Before proceeding to hack an account, Facesnoop wil check online if it has been protected. If that profile has been added to the Shield List® there’s no way to hack it. This means the faster you protect your profile, the lesser the opportunities to get hacked you have. Just imagine your friends, your familly and every contact you have reading whatever a hacker has written on your wall. Sick sexual preferences, insults, obscene pics, YOUR SOCIAL LIFE WOULD BE RUINED! Act now and be faster than other hackers. There is no second chance.

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Desktop Edition: Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Mobile Edition: Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



How to download

Fill a Small Survey: In order to keep Facesnoop as a freeware and not charging you any money there is a way to download this unique hack that perhaps requires some explanation. To get your copy of the only working Facebook hack with a video proof you will fill a smal survey that can be as easy as playing a videogame online or just putting a cellphone number to receive an absolutely free offer. Facesnoop has been uploaded to two different file hostings so you can choose the easiest offer for your country. Remember that such a powerful tool cannot be sold directly for legal reasons and a simple download link would be the end of Facesnoop due to developing costs and Facebook actions. If you can’t download at a certain moment, please come back later. Servers go offline to protect Facesnoop from being attacked by the Facebook team. Use real information when you fill the survey or the download will never unlock.

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